Networking Documents


  • The following documents are for IB school coordinators who are hosting a networking session. The first is a detailed list of procedures for networking. The other documents need to be filled in by the host school and emailed to John Day to share with the membership.

  • After the networking session email minutes and any other documents to John Day to upload to the IBMA website. The attendance and reimbursement form need to be sent to Nonye Oladimeji for payment. See the "Networking Procedures" document below for details.

  • To download the following documents right click on the document name, then download the linked file. Mac users, control-click and download the linked file. If you have trouble downloading a file, contact John Day (see below).

    Networking Procedures

    Network Registration Template

    Minutes Template

    Attendance List

    Feedback form

    Reimbursement Form